A Safe Space

Gender identity is usually taken for granted. There is only cisgender male or female in American mainstream culture and we are told early on who and what we are. Most of us accept other people’s decisions in childhood. But some of us experience discomfort, unease and confusion with how we are being perceived.

This may begin as a sense of not fitting in with playmates and friends and may escalate into isolation and withdrawal when we realize we exist in a different gender from the one we were assigned. Or, we may act the part of cisgender in order to hide and to please others. It may become a daily reality until overwhelming feelings of imprisonment and suffocation take over.

Acknowledging the pain can seem as terrifying as continuing to masquerade behind a falsely gendered self. But when denial is no longer an option, the desire to experience the real physical and emotional self can be recognized and explored. And yet, understanding one’s options and formulating strategies for gender euphoria can become difficult when support and validation seem out of reach.

Southern California Transgender Counseling provides a safe, non-judgmental space where appreciation for the uniqueness of each personal journey guides the therapeutic gender diverse exploration. As acceptance of gender is central to acceptance of the self, our goal is to engage in a supportive, sensitive and empathic process of discovery and resolution.

SCTC also considers friends, families and significant others, for their lives become impacted by movement toward self and gender definition. Together with the individual we aim to create a holistic framework where optimism and hope for the future of the gender euphoric self become reality.