Reading List + Other Media

A short general reading list for those who want to begin exploring a variety of written words on trans/gender diverse issues:

  • Brill, S. (2008). The transgender child: A handbook for families and parents. Berkeley: Cleis Press.
  • Bornstein, K. (1994). Gender outlaw: On men, women and the rest of us. New York: Routledge.
  • Boylan, J. (2013). Stuck in the middle with you: A memoir of parenting in three genders. New York: Crown Publishers.
  • Ehrensaft, D. and Menvielle, E. (2011). Gender born, gender made: Raising healthy, gender nonconforming children. New York: The Experiment.
  • Erickson-Schroth, L. (ed.) (2014). Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A resource for the transgender community.  Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
  • Erickson-Schroth, L., and Jacobs, L. (2017). “You’re in the wrong bathroom!” And 20 other myths and misconceptions about transgender and gender non-confirming people. Boston, MA: Beacon Press.
  • Haskell, M. (2013). My brother, my sister: Story of a transformation. New York: Viking.
  • Hubbard, E. (2012). Trans-Kin: A guide for family and friends of transgender people. Bolder Press.
  • Ladin, J. (2013). Through the door of a life: A Jewish journey between genders. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press.
  • Snorton, C.R. (2017). Black on both sides: A racial history of trans identity. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.
  • Wilkinson, W. (2015). Born on the edge of race and gender: A voice for cultural competency. Oakland, CA: Hapa Hapa Press.


The Enby Book List – nonbinary author and artist Jeanne G Fellers has assembled a living list of reads with non-binary (enby, NB, or genderqueer) protagonists who are painted/ presented/ written in a positive light. Whether the non-binary character is painted in a positive light is at the sole discretion of the list owner and is not up for discussion or debate.



  • How To Support A Transitioning Loved One – Xtine Milrod, Ph.D., provides advice on Huffington Post.
  • International Transgender Health – This Facebook group is for the general trans affirmative public, health professionals, researchers, and others involved in trans/gender diverse health to discuss and promote awareness of new developments in trans health.
  • Twitter profile – Xtine Milrod, Ph.D., information, opinions and retweets.


  • Gender Dysphoria Affirmative Working Group, (Xtine Milrod, Ph.D., member) is a broad coalition of prominent medical and mental health professionals, academics, researchers, activists, and allies, some trans and others cis, all with expertise in gender and sexuality and troubled by the notion of “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria.” Over the past decade, we have witnessed an increasing number of transgender and gender nonconforming youth and adolescents come out, as well as unprecedented hostility from those attempting to limit acceptance and access to services, a masquerade of ‘concern’ through misinformation and fear. As people intimately involved with the youth in question, we have established this site to discuss the overwhelming evidence that affirmative approaches yield happier and better adjusted children, to confront the untruths propagated by those promoting ROGD, and to make plain that “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria” is a concept contradictory to evidence-based best practices and harmful to vulnerable youth.
  • Transfeminine Science is a place for original informational content on the subject of transfeminine hormone therapy. This form of hormone therapy is also known variously as feminizing hormone therapy (FHT), gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) for transfeminine people, and also known as hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It entails the use of female sex hormones including estrogens and progestogens—as well as androgen-opposing medications known as antiandrogens—to produce feminization, demasculinization, and alleviation of gender dysphoria in transgender women and non-binary transfeminine individuals.
  • Florence Ashley is a transfeminine jurist, bioethicist, public speaker, and activist who uses they/them and gay/ghem pronouns. Their public writing has been featured in The Globe and Mail, CBC Opinion, Montreal Gazette, Huffington Post, The Conversation, IRPP Policy Option, NOW Magazine, The Advocate, INTO More, Gazette des femmes, Le Devoir, La Presse, Le Journal de Montréal, and Journal Métro. On this website, you’ll find a short biography, a repository of published academic papers, links to media publications and interviews, and Florence’s curriculum vitae .If you want to get in touch with Florence, you can reach them on FacebookTwitter, or at f.ashley at
  • The Center for Applied Transgender Studies is an independent nonprofit research organization run by transgender people for transgender people. They believe that dedication to public service and commitment to justice should be at the heart of academic inquiry. They also believe that education should not only occur in classrooms. Guided by those beliefs, they facilitate and promote the empirical study of transgender issues with the ultimate aim of informing policy-making and public discourse in ways that improve quality of life for the transgender community. They bring together academic rigor and activist passion to identify, analyze, and, ultimately, propose solutions to the greatest issues facing transgender communities across the globe. The Fellows who make up the Center each pursue field-defining research with profound practical implications, and by coming together outside the disciplinary silos that define the academy, they hope to generate new insights and ideas that will better society.The diversity of their Fellows and the differences of their academic backgrounds, cultural heritages, and life experiences make their work more meaningful. They are committed to ensuring that their work advocates for the needs of all transgender people, and that the research their Center sponsors is made free and available to the publics they serve.